The Lost Remedies Academy: I Saved One of The Last Spots for You + 4 Free Gifts!

Who is Dr. Nicole Apelian?

Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist and biologist, and she’s been studying medicinal plants and remedies for over 30 years now.

You might know her from the History channel TV show Alone, where she was the first female contestant to survive in the wild for 57 days straight. And she did all that while suffering from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

For years, Nicole was in excruciating pain, slowly losing control over her body. She lost her job and the ability to walk unassisted. She became almost completely dependent on others for basic needs. The prognosis Nicole received from her neurologist was a wheelchair for life in the best-case scenario.

Yet, for decades she’s been able to defy her doctor’s expectations and live her best years. Plants gave her back a life she thought was lost forever. And ever since, she’s dedicated all her time and energy to help others get back their health naturally.

Nicole has already helped hundreds of thousands of people, and her formulas and teachings are being used by many other herbalists in their treatment plans. Under her guidance you can become a natural healer and turn the medicinal plants growing in your area into life-changing remedies.

The Lost Remedies Academy

I invite you to explore the fascinating world of herbal healing with me. As we go deeper and deeper into this knowledge, you’ll be able to simply walk outside anywhere in nature and pinpoint the medicine you need just as if you were shopping at your local pharmacy.

Once upon a time, every home had a healer. You might even remember your own mother or grandmother using one of her homemade remedies to help you when you were sick.

Today, people step on the plants and “round-up” the weeds that saved our grandparents without a second thought.

What I wanted to do with this academy was to give you this lost plant knowledge that can help you and your family get back to health naturally.

And I would like to teach you all these remedies, just like your grandmother would: practically. Things that you learn by doing, you will never forget. They stay with you for a lifetime.

Here's just a glimpse of what we will be doing together inside the Lost Remedies Academy:

First, we’ll head out together into the wild to identify the medicinal plants and mushrooms that will become our main ingredients. You’ll get up close, as I’ll show you these wild dwellers from every angle, pointing out key differences that make it very easy to distinguish them from their lookalikes.

Once you finish the academy, you will be able to correctly identify the most important medicines growing in nature.

Then we’ll bring our wild bounty into the kitchen where I'll help you create dozens of different salves, poultices, tinctures, extractions, syrups, elixirs, potions and other powerful lost remedies. You’ll be able to manage your health naturally and find some good alternatives for your health.

Finally, I’ll show you what I like to call the ultimate level of herbal mastery – crafting your own unique remedies tailored to your personal needs.

You can finish The Academy in a 3-day marathon, three weeks or three months, depending on how much time you have. Or you can just scroll directly to the course with the plant or with the remedy you need right now.

The Lost Remedies Academy will be available for any member of your household.

Once you graduate, I’ve prepared for you the most beautiful Diploma that will have your name on it and that certifies your knowledge in the field of natural remedies.

Doxycycline of the Woods: The Antibiotic That Probably Grows in Your Own Backyard

All it takes to create it is a very common backyard plant, which you’ve probably seen or stepped on many times before. The final remedy is so effective at stopping pain signals before they reach the brain, that some people are even comparing it to Morphine. But this is not an opioid and it’s completely non-addictive.

These natural insoles are tiny detoxifiers. The soft and fuzzy leaves of mullein act as sponges, drawing out impurities and toxins from your feet. They leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and light. So, next time you feel your legs heavy or inflamed, just remember what you learned today. Or if you’re about to go on a long walk, just put these anti-inflammatory insoles in your shoes and you’re good to go!

If you feel tired and sluggish after a meal or lack energy in general, it’s probably a sign that your liver is struggling. Next time you finish a heavy meal, drink tea with milk thistle, licorice, and dandelion root.

If you’ve ever seen your hair clog the shower or bathtub drain, or you’re collecting clumps of it from your hairbrush, then you really need to try this. I’ve been there for years myself. My hair got so thin, you could see my scalp at one point. But now it’s thicker, fuller, and healthier than ever. I just want you to try the serum that saved my hair and hopefully can do the same for you as well.

I’ll also show you the plant you should stuff your pillow with to fall asleep faster and sleep longer, deeper, and wake up more refreshed.

The Herb You Can Add to Your Coffee or Tea, to Empty Your Bowels Effortlessly Each Morning

You can add between 3 to 5 leaves to the coffee filter or put them in the tea boiling pot. This is an easy morning routine that will make you start your days light as a feather.

You will also learn how to make an emergency first-aid poultice from a plant you can find just about anywhere. This band-aid can literally save your life in a crisis just like it did for me on Alone!

Receding Gums Mouth Wash

Known as The Silent Killer, hypertension shows no symptoms while putting you at an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. A stroke can leave you paralyzed for life, so if you have high blood pressure, it’s better to do something about it now.

Grandma’s Antibiotic in a Jar

Put This Herbal Powder in Your Socks

to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Quickly

I’ll also tell you all about the plant that helped me become a mother when I thought all hope was lost. The second your child grabs your finger, or the first time they laugh, your whole life changes for the better. No words can describe it.

Nature's Anesthetic

What You Can Expect As A Plant Apprentice Of

The Lost Remedy Academy